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Three great things a bookkeeper can do for your company

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When you're running a business, it can start to feel like you spend more and more time doing all the administrative work that piles up.

The bigger your company grows, the taller the stack gets, until you're doing nothing but answering phones, filing papers, paying bills, and that doesn't even cover dealing with your bank. You might think about offloading some of that burden onto some other set of shoulders. While they may not answer your phone for you, a bookkeeper can get a surprising amount of work done on your behalf. Here are three ways a bookkeeper can help.

Reconciling your bank account

You have a pretty good understanding of how much money is in your bank account, but unless you have hours of free time to kill, it can be difficult to maintain an understanding of exactly what you're spending and where. A competent bookkeeper will maintain a record of your transactions in an accounting software like QuickBooks for later classification.

Basic Financial statements

When it comes time to pay taxes, having a set of financial statements handy will save you some stress, unless you have to write those financial statements yourself. If you have a few accounting courses under your belt, or if you just happen to be inexplicably into accounting as a hobby, you should do fine, but if you're not, then preparing financial statements is even easier. You just let someone else do it.

Unclutter your office

This isn't a joke. The amount of paper it takes to run a business is staggering, and you have to keep quite a bit of it, in the case you're audited. It's not like a file cabinet even help, as there is a constant stream of new documents and new records to keep. Needless to say, your bookkeeper will need most of those records at their office for quick reference.

Now that you know a few of the values having a bookkeeper, go get one, and get back to enjoying your life more.