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Common Mistakes to Avoid This Tax Season

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Filing taxes is frustrating. It’s easy to make mistakes without realizing it.

Here are some simple things to double check before sending in your forms.

1. Make sure all of your personal information is correct. This may seem like a no-brainer, but if you’re stressing over your taxes, it’s easy to miss the small stuff. Be sure that your name is spelled correctly, and your address and phone numbers are accurate. Also, don’t forget to double check your social security number.

2. Check your math. One of the most commonly made mistakes come from incorrect number. Use a calculator to ensure that your math is correct.

3. Don’t forget about your deductions. If you own your own business, any purchases you make on behalf of your company can be tax deductible. Any contributions that you make to charities can also be tax deductible. Keep all of your receipts throughout the year so that you can accurately count up all of your deductions

If you are still apprehensive after double checking your forms, don’t be afraid to talk to a professional. An accountant, or a licensed tax prepared can help you feel secure in filing your forms.