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New IRS scam we came across. Be vigilant, Tax Leaders inc is here to help you

Tax preparation, Immigration services in Middle Tennessee - New IRS scam we came across. Be vigilant, Tax Leaders inc is here to help you | Tax Leaders Inc

--- Forwarded message --­
Date: 19 Jun 2017 9:13 am
Subject: Final Notice

Attention : your name
Ssn XX-XXX-1234
Employer Self-Employed
Gmail - Final Notice. John Doe

During the process of certification the department of FTC has interrupt the procedure for your pending balance with Internal Revenue Services (IRS). For your security purpose and to clear your doubts we are providing you the Batch Id:

Your Docket number on this account is RBN1276CA. We received legal allegation against you name on Tax Fraud that means Our audit
department after taking statutory audit of your tax filing from year 2009-2014 has concluded that tax worth 3264.43 was unpaid and miscalculated.IRS has strong evidence to believe that this was actually not a result of Innocent Negligence and rather we have strong reason to believe that this was willful act with intent of defraud with IRS. Now under this statement which is proclaim by Higher Commission the up cursing of 4 serious allegations on your name. This four allegation is under chapter 13 with under

    Section 37/C. This allegation will be claimed under you name those are

  • 1) Violation of Federal Tax Regulations 1311

  • 2) Violation of Internal Revenue Code 14F

  • 3) Theft by Deception 136

  • 4) Willful misrepresentation of Financial Information to government Organization. According to IRS Code 6331H

Gmail - Final Notice. John Doe

IRS has all right reserved to forcefully recollect these taxes from you by taking following steps. Now forcefully doesn't mean collection guy will be calling you or visiting you to collect the funds. However IRS will be knocking door of court house asking for help regarding this fraud case. You can file for outside of court resolvement option by paying $1318.47 in installments whatever your intention please let us know as early as you can.

If you want to stop legal proceedings than you need to contact:

John Doe.

here is full .pdf