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Beware of local IRS Scam

Tax preparation, Immigration services in Middle Tennessee - Beware of local IRS Scam | Tax Leaders Inc
Our office has just bee notified of a new scam that is targeting people by using the force of the IRS to try to get people to pay tax debt that is not owed. The scammers have now evolved using letter head with the IRS Logo . The letter states that money is owed on past debt and is targeting people new to filing taxes or people other than American ethnicity. Attached is a copy of such letters that are being distributed. Do not become a victim of this type of extortion or fear tactic. Please contact your tax prepare or the IRS immediately for assistance. Or you can contact our office at 615-867-5009 and we will be glad to help. It is the goal of our office to help put a stop to all crimes of this nature.